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Roses & Wyght - Chapter 4

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Game System: Adventurers!

Tools: solo engine; solo engine; Wizardawn’s Fantasy Settlement Generator, UNE, BOLD,  alea iactanda est’s Rumor Table, other generators

Game Notes

Up to this point, I had “random events” turned off on the RPGSolo Engine. After reading some other transcripts, seeing how events affect the story, and looking for some ways to shake up this tale, I’ve decided to turn on the “Mythic Random Events” and try that for a while.

Also, I generated the city of Duskcall using Wizardawn’s Fantasy Settlement Generator. While it does generate a map, I am ignoring it. I was primarily interested in having several “stocked” businesses to begin with.


Encounter check for the remainder of the journey to Duskcall = 3. No.

Do the city guards have information concerning the strangers?
(Unlikely (Many people pass by, may not have been on duty) | 1[d10]) No, and…
Prompt:  Adventurously / Dry

[Scene 1]

The remainder of the ride to Duskcall is rather uneventful. As the group approaches the walled city they pass by some small farms and a few huts before reaching the city gates. Bhart inquires of the guards if they had seen any parties like the men they are trailing and is told that it was possible, but many people fitting that vague description pass through. The head guard doesn’t leave it at that, but jokes with his companions about the “village folk coming to the ‘big’ city looking for adventure.” Bhart can hear them laughing behind him as Leira, Harper, and he ride through the gates.

Reset Leira’s Her points to base of 1.

They board their horses at the stables and quickly find lodging at the Faint Mule Hostel. The plan is for Harper to travel to one of the taverns and ask some questions, even show the pilfered dagger if necessary, in hopes that someone knows something about Shylock and company. Harper checks with Naglen, the halfling Inn Keeper, as where to find the best drinking establishment and she recommends the Wooden Frost Giant Flagon, primarily because her cousin Hattia bartends there.

[I ask the Oracle some potentially important private questions. Rolls will be revealed later.]

Harper arrives at the Flagon and finds business at full swing. The tavern is about three-quarters full of patrons of various races: mainly humans and dwarves, but with a spattering of elves and a halfling or two. A string trio is set up in the corner next to the hearth playing some jaunty drinking tunes. Behind the bar is a hefty, middle-aged halfling, her white hair cropped short. She stands on a long shelf attached to the back side of the bar so as to be at eye level with anyone sitting at the bar. Harper assumes this is Hattia. He approaches and orders a beer.

Does Hattia have any useful information?
(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

Harper attempts to strike up a conversation with the bartender but she’s having none of it.

“I’m here to serve drinks, not chat,” she says. “A friendly bartender is a bartender not doing their job. Folks want drinks and I can’t serve ‘em if I’m talkin’.”

“Okay,” Harper relents, throwing her an understanding smile. “Who does like to talk? Specifically, who know the city’s goings-on?”

Hattia scans the room and sees a plump, silver-haired man sitting at a table alone. “Caldera over there might be helpful.”

Harper thanks her and leaves an additional silver piece on the bar before walking over to Caldera and taking a seat. The human look up and the newcomer. He is dressed in fine silk of deep purple color. [RG]

“Hello,” Harper starts. “Sorry to intrude but I’m new in town and Hattia said you might be able to tell me a bit about the place. Caldera, is it?”

Use UNE to determine Caldera’s Mood, based on neutral relationship.
1d100= 20 Cautious.

“Perhaps,” Caldera says, casting an accusing glance in Hattia’s direction.

“I’m looking for someone.”

“It’s a big city. Lots of people come through.”

“This one’s name is Shylock. He has a friend who carried this.” Harper lays the bear head dagger on the table.

Does Caldera claim to know anything specific about Shylock or the weapon?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

For further information from Caldera I will be using alea iactanda est’s Rumor Table (
Rumor Type=Clue
Caldera’s reaction to question: 2d6 = 11 Good, Better than expected
Typically, once the PC’s get to the point in the adventure when they are able to verify a rumor 2d6 are rolled to determine if it is true or false. An NPC reaction roll of 9 or better means the NPC will give an opinion about the rumor and the PC’s can roll one Truth die now.

Random words: stiff-necked, parker, overcrowd

The man perks up at the sight of the ornate weapon. “Hmm. Did Hattia tell you I taught Cultural Anthropology at the university? She must have to send you over to me with this.” He picks up the weapon and turns it over, examining it. “This is a Huntsman’s knife.”

“It belongs to a hunter?”

“No. Huntsman. They’re assassins. How did you get this?”

“One of the men I’m seeking. He … uh, dropped it. What can you tell me about these Huntsmen?” Harper asked, hoping for more information.

“That’s a group you don’t want to mess with,” Caldera warned. “Arrogant bunch, they are. They feel it’s their personal duty to thin the population of anyone who would stop progress. Except to them, progress is strictly what they, or should I say their employers, desire, regardless of morals and ethics.” 

Harper takes back the dagger. “Where can I find these Huntsmen?”

Does Caldera know where to find them?
(Unlikely (as to a specific base of operations) | 1[d10]) No, and...

Caldera casts Harper a warning stare. “I don’t know. I don’t want to know. And if you are smart, you don’t want to know either.”

“Suppose I do. How would I go about finding them?”

Random words: harass spark horses

The teacher appraises the young man sitting at the table, wondering if he should tell him any more. Finally, he relents. “Whatever. It’s your life. You might try the Platinum Steed Stables. Many of the Huntsmen board their mounts there. Don’t bother the stable master. He won’t tell you anything. Just hang out and keep your eyes open.”

“Thanks, my friend. You’ve been a help.” Harper lays 5 silver coins on the table and leaves out the front door.

1st Truth die: 1d6 = 4 (The high reaction roll grants +1 to total Truth roll. As it stands, there is still a chance the rumor could be false (if the second die is 1-2), but chances are good that there is some truth in the rumor.)

Was Shylock or any of his men in the bar and heard the conversation?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No  (I was hoping . . . )

Harper gets 1 Her point for his success.

[Scene 2]

Does Harper have an encounter on the way back to the Faint Mule Hostel?
Roll: 5 No

The private oracle question I asked earlier was to see if Bhart and Leira stayed at the hostel or followed Harper, just in case there was an encounter which might require them to intervene. The oracle said they stayed in the room.

Harper returns to the party’s room and relates what he learned to the Rosemight siblings. It is agreed that the three of them will visit the Platinum Steed Stables in the morning. Checking with Naglen, the innkeeper, they learn the Platinum Steed is near the north entrance to the city. (The group has their mounts housed at the Scarlet Bear Stables, which is located near the western entrance.) They decide to temporarily board their horses at the Platinum Steed Stables, so as to have a reason to hang around and possibly ask some questions.

In the morning, Bhart, Leira and Harper retrieve their horses and ride to Platinum Steed.

Is there room at the stables for their horses?
(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

At this point, I will roll the second truth die, as the truthfulness of the rumor will affect what the PC’s learn or see.
Truth Die Roll: 5   Final total: 4+5+1=10 Mostly True. (Should it come up, the part that isn’t true is the stable master’s unwillingness to talk.)

They rent three stalls, costing them another 1 and a half gold coins. The men pay the stable master while Leira follows a young (12 or 13) stable hand back to where the horses will be boarded. Using the pretense of wanting to groom her own horse to help it settle down, she hangs around and tries to start up a conversation with the boy.

The boy feels peaceful around Leira and, consulting UNE, his conversation mood is “sociable”.
Does the stable hand have any useful information?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes
Random Words: Glamorous Store Whisper

Leira learns the boy’s name is Rod. Rod is rather talkative, but he keeps his eyes averted from her. Every now and then, however, she catches him sneaking a glance, then quickly turning away, blushing. She assumes he is shy and possibly a bit smitten. Leira eventually directs the conversation to Rod’s work around the stables and the clientele he deals with.

“A lot of different people must use the stables,” she asks.

“Yes. Mostly people from the city.” Rod explains. “Not many travelers, though. They use Scarlet Bear.”

“Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met?”

Rod glances around, making sure they are alone, then moves in closer, daring to look directly at his pretty inquisitor. “The Huntsmen,” he whispers.

“Who are the Huntsmen?” Leira asks, a bit too loudly for Rod’s liking as his face pales and he immediately shushes her.

“Shh. I’m not supposed to talk about them, but I can’t help it. They are exciting adventurers who go on great missions! I always hear them talking about doing all kinds of jobs and getting rich. I hope I can be one when I grow up.”

Leira listens intently, pretty sure the innocent boy doesn’t really know what type of people the Huntsmen are. “That’s interesting. I may have met one of them once. A big man with dark hair and a beard. I think his name was Shylock.”

Is Rod familiar with Shylock?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and…

“Of course! He’s one of the important Huntsmen. He and Gaither were here a couple of days ago.” Leira assumes Gaither is the blond man.  “Their horses are in stalls four and five.”

“Wow, that’s really interesting!” Leira says, feeding off the lad’s excitement. “Did you happen to hear what they are doing in here in the capital?”

“I think it’s something important,” Rod says, staring wide-eyed at Leira, his shyness all but gone. “They spoke a lot about the King and where he would be the next few days.”

“Wow! That does sound exciting!” Leira agrees, while secretly concerned about what the two might be plotting. “Tell you what. I’m interested in meeting more of the Huntsmen, but I don’t want you to get in trouble. If you see any here when I’m around, point them out to me, but only if you feel safe doing so. You don’t have to tell anyone. Okay?” She hands the lad a couple of silver pieces for his trouble.

Rod, suddenly realizes he’s been staring at the pretty lady and quickly looks down at the ground to avoid her gaze. Red-faced, he sheepishly accepts the coins. “Okay. But only if I’m sure I won’t get caught.”

Leira gets 1 Her for “charming” info from Rod.

How many other patrons are in the stables? 1d10-2 = 10[d10]-2 = 8 patrons

For observation checks, I will roll PC’s perception first. Then, if they are successful, I will check to see if there is actually anything to be observed. This keeps me from learning information the PC’s wouldn’t know.

Since Bhart and Harper have not seen the men they are looking for, their perceptions rolls will be at -2.
Bhart: double 1’s = critical fail (I don’t know. His eyes fall out of his head?)
Harper: 9[2d6]+3MND-2 = 10>7 Success!
Leira: (Perception Advantage: 1,5,4) 9[2d6]+5MND = 14 > 7 Success!

Are any of the patrons Huntsmen?
(Somewhat Unlikely (how often does one need their horse) | 5[d10]) No

While Bhart and Harper wait for Leira to return, they use the time to observe the other patrons. Even though they don’t know specifically who they are looking for, they hope to possibly see another bear-handled dagger, suspicious behavior, or hear some telling conversation. Harper does a good job at being discreet. Bhart, however, is a bit too obvious, prompting one annoyed, burly man to demand of him, “What’s so interesting, Boot-licker!?” Bhart apologizes and steps away.

Leira returns, acknowledges they are in the right place, but will tell them more when they are safely back at the hostel. They step across the street to a small garden square and hang around to watch the people come and go from the stable. After seeing nothing of interest they decide to return their room.

End of Chapter 4

Wrap up:

Everyone gets 1 EXP.

Thoughts of Chapter 4

Before I got too far in this chapter I used Conjecture Games’ UNE (Uniververal NPC Engine) and BOLD (Book of Legends and Deeds) to come up with some backstory regarding Shylock, his partner, and their motivation in regards to the current story. That will either be revealed as we progress, or I will post it when this arc is done for those who are interested.

Once again, no combat. Instead, this chapter was heavy on conversation and investigation, as I suspected it would. I didn’t mind, however, as it gave me a good chance to experiment and practice with generating interesting conversations and rumors using various tools.

(Read next chapter here.)

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