Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday's Heroes

Trust me, I did not intend for this to be a reality television blog. My plan was to write about the odd and unusual things I see and think. While I have written about those things, I have many more reality TV posts than I would have expected. This is another one.
My girlfriend Hopie would say that one of my heroes has fallen. I would tend to agree with her. This week Brad Womack was announced as the next bachelor to appear on ABC's The Bachelor. In my opinion, despite what the contestants might say, appearing on The Bachelor is one of the worst ways to find everlasting love. You are thrown together with a mob of potential life partners for a period of only a few weeks and attempt to get to know them by going on amazing dates that you could never afford, all the while having a camera in your face twenty-four hours a day. At the end of this experience you are expected to choose someone to spend the rest of your life with. The show's track record has pretty much proven that this system is a failure, with nearly none of the final couples marrying. In fact, it's rare that these relationships last more than a few months. Brad Womack understood this . . . I thought.
If you are not familiar with Brad, he has already appeared in the title role on season 11 of The Bachelor. When it came down to the final two women, he ended up choosing neither, stating that he didn't have strong enough feeling for either one. While many viewers criticized him for "leading" the women on (though no one says anything about the twenty-three other women on the show who may have felt "led on"), I admired him for his decision. He didn't cower to the pressure of the show, earning him Bachelor Hero status in my heart, as Hopie would say.
But now all that is going to change. Brad "I Used To Be Smart Enough To Know That This Process Is Ridiculous But Am Now Dumb Enough To Try It Again" Womack has agreed to a second chance at manufactured love. Why, Brad, why?
This guy is handsome. I'm sure without the show he could find several women willing to date him. However, now that he's been on the show I would expect that there are several, probably hundreds, of women who would like to get a chance to know Brad. Outside of the constraints of the show, Brad has the freedom to spend as much time as he wants to get to know a woman as without the distraction or guilt that comes with dating more than one person at a time. So why would he want to severely limit the pool of women he has to choose from, as well as undergo the stress of rejecting woman after woman, many without really getting an opportunity to know them? I can only think of one reason. Money. From what I've read, the lead bachelors and bachelorettes get paid well to appear on the show, as much as just over $100,000.
I'm guessing Brad Womack isn't going on the show to find true love. Another chance to be on television. Exclusive dating rights to twenty-five attractive ladies. A hefty hunk of pocket change. Maybe he just knows a good thing when he sees it.

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